DynaSolve is about bringing the solutions and tools traditionally only available to large enterprises to small business.

Predictive Analytics

DynaSolve brings the power of big data to your business. Take full advantage of the tools and datasets available to maximize your business insight. Investigate the predictive lens available today.

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Web Scale

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of startups. When your marketing efforts land the front page of Reddit, or your mobile app takes off, be prepared. Discover what it takes to be internet scale.

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Cloud Computing

Improve operational efficiency, get to market quickly, decrease cost, and increase robustness. Harness the power of Google, Amazon, and others to run your enterprise. Find out how to maximize this opportunity.

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Twitter Stream

My summary and follow up to @BrianWill video on OOP. Over engineering: OOP https://t.co/E62Z4GVHw7
1 week ago
Can't wait for this! https://t.co/89oqp1Txw2
2 months ago
It's huge!! Change log for @scikit_learn 0.18 https://t.co/Z8bhlvKY1G
2 months ago